One Dell of a Party

Phone: 072 410 3054

5 Bonita Bay / Barracuda Bar,
Meer En See, Richards Bay, 3901

One Dell of a Party

Phone: 072 410 3054

5 Bonita Bay / Barracuda Bar,
Meer En See, Richards Bay, 3901

Accessories and Services

Yummy Candyfloss available

Candy Floss

Machine to hire @R500, includes 30 sticks and coloured sugar…
or individual ordering of bags of candy floss @ R12 each

Yummy Snowcones available

Snow Cones

Machine to hire @ R500 or order individually for party.

Yummy Popcorn available


Machine to hire @ R600, includes 2kg seeds, spices oil and bags.
OR 5 liter popcorn buckets also available to order
Savoury (cheese, salt and vinegar, chutney, sour cream or bacon) @R50
Sweet (different coloured candy, chocolate, caramel or peanut-butter) @R50

Face Painting

  • 1-10 children R300
  • 10-20 children R500
  • 20-30 children R700

Blow-up Equipment, Machines and Suits

  • Spider-man suit - R200
  • Slip and slide - R500 per day
  • Snow blower with 1 bottle of liquid - R350
  • Bubble Machine with 1 liter solution - R250
  • Fogging Machine with solution R200
  • Wave Slider - R1300
  • Foam Pit with Foam Blower (includes big bucket of solution and Operator) - R1500 OR R1200 without Operator
  • Foam Machine with liquid - R900
  • Jumping Castle - R550, Mini Jumping castle R300

Soft Play

Excellent for younger children like toddlers up to 5 years old

  • Ball Pit Mat and Slide - R450 / Ball Pit Only - R400
  • Roller Coaster - R400
  • Ball Pit with Roller Coaster - R650
  • Basic block set of 6 and 1 mat - R500
  • Mini Jumping Castle - R300
  • Lego Massive Blocks (hard play block set with 1 mat) - R400
  • Block set with more variety (4 blocks + long roller with 6 stepping blocks and a mat - R800
  • Crash wall with Mat and Roller coaster - R800
  • Half wheel rocker, stepping stones x6 and tunnel with 5 basic blocks and mat - R800
  • Basic blocks with 2 Bouncy toys, Tent, Tunnel as well as Ball Pit (with balls and slide) and Rocker - R1000

EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE: All of the above with Mini Jumping Castle for children 5 and younger - R1300

5 Basic Blocks, Roller Coaster, Crash Blocks x6, Stepping Stones x6, Half wheel, Tunnel, Bouncy ball, 2 Bouncy animals, Rocker and 2 mats - R1800

Ball pit and Roller coaster with Mini Jumping Castle, Lego set, Blocks, Crash blocks, Stepping stones, Half wheel, Tunnel, Bouncy ball, 2 Bouncy animals , Rocker and tent with 4 mats - R2500

Different Games to hire

  • Mini trampoline and mat R200
  • Long ladder for jumping R100
  • Balance beam R100
  • Giant Dominoes R200
  • Giant Limbo R300
  • Giant bowls with marker flags R200
  • Hanging bar and mat R200
  • Big pick up stick and ball game R300
  • Mini golf mat and sticks with balls R200
  • Rebound ball bouncer with balls R200
  • Throw the hulas on bull or big cone R100


  • Balloon Arch according to theme R500, OR with 4 boxes R800
  • Massive balloon tree R1200
  • Smaller round backboard with balloons R750 (1.2 meters), OR with x2 cylinders covered R900
  • Organic balloon drapings @ R300 per meter
  • Grass backboard with balloons, 1.8 meter R900, with set of 3 plinths R1200
  • Columns R300 each
  • Big round gold circle,2 meters with half balloons R1200, with plinths R1500
  • X3 different size plinths R300
  • X2 round covered cylinders R200
  • X4 square boxes for decor R300